Having a trip to China

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Having a trip to China

Postby Tech_Marco » Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:34 am

Hi folks

I'm leaving country and heading to China today. I may not be able to access email or the support forum for a moment. You may not know that Google is blocked in China so does the Gmail (may be). During my leave, I may not be able to answer your question on time. In case you need to contact me, please either leave me a PM or send email direct to my personal email account: Speedythinker@yahoo.com

During this trip, I'm going to finish the development of DIY 500x300 laser machine kit. Plus, I'll learn how to repair laser power supply intensively. And then, I'll hands on water chiller building as I'm rolling out my own brand water chiller that is the same class of "5200" (1400W). Price will be better than used to be.

Last thing to do is to oem a new DSP controller card. It is not the same as AWC608 but from another supplier. I'll be back to the country on Jun 11.


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