Ocean shipment arrived today 2-28-2014

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Ocean shipment arrived today 2-28-2014

Postby Tech_Marco » Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:08 pm

Just received an ocean shipment today. Following is the item list:

10x 600*400 frames
10x 900*600 frames
10x 1200*900 frames

10x SP 100W CO2 laser tube
25x 850mm 40W CO2 laser tube
10x RECI 80W Co2 "Z2" laser tube

6x CW5200 water chiller (AC220V, 60Hz)

Extrusion aluminum bar: 2M, 4M, 5M

The 1200*900 frame is so HEAVY! I believe it is at least 250lb. Need to call freight services for delivery. I don't think UPS or Fedex is willing to take the order.


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