Forum was down on 9/11. Caused by GoDaddy

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Forum was down on 9/11. Caused by GoDaddy

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:43 pm

The forum site was down on 9/11 and 9/12. It's back to normal on 9/13

GoDaddy was either being attacked or because of it's own stupidity, the whole site, I mean the complete Godaddy Interent service was down and caused millions of website down.
My support forum was not an exception as it was hosted by Godaddy.

I acted quick right after it's up on late 9/11. I did backup and planning to switch to another host company. Before the migration, I also ran an upgrade to the board. Big mistake for a rush job. I accidentally or somehow mixed up the DB connection and caused my main site down, as well as the backup site. I though that it's Godaddy again so I switched to

I found that the problem insisted and I could able recover data back to March, 2012 only. Finally, by doing some research I found that phpBB native restore application has flaw. It couldn't restore DB properly if it's over 2MB in size. I checked my DB and it's about 3MB. Bingo! That's the problem it caused "Fatal error. Time out...." every time when I tried to restore the backup database. After download a free tool name "BigDump.php" offered by a folk in UK, I could restore the db successfully and the site up again. $20 was donated for his coffee :lol:

There are a few posts or accounts may got lost during the transition. I apology for the inconvenience. Please register again or post your question again if it affected you.


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