High temperature (100'C/ 212'F)Water/Oil Pump+Speed control

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High temperature (100'C/ 212'F)Water/Oil Pump+Speed control

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:32 pm

This is a DC12V brusless water pump employing 3phase technolog. It provide high torque, high volume but low noise. Plus, it will not generate electric spark as it's brushless. It's easy to use it as it take single 12V, 4A power. Moreover, it comes with a speed controller that allow you to control the water flow. Don't forget that it can pump boiling water at 100'C! Plus, it's submersible. When submersibed, the liquid temperature can not be over 50'C though.

The controller is a three wires type: Red, Black, and Yellow.
Red is +5V, Black is Ground, and Yellow is for speed control.

To get full speed, just tap the yellow wire to the red(+5V). To stop the pump, tap the yellow wire to the black(Gnd). You can add a 5Kohm variable resistor (VR) to connect the three wires to and enable to control the water flow by changing the VR position. Or to more fun, you can use computer to control it as it take 0-5V (Yellow vs Ground).

The pump sell to Canada was over $180 each. We're the distributor of the pump to US.


•Power: DC12V (24V max)
•Current: 3.8A@12V
•Output: 30.0L/m (8 gal/m)
•Pressure: 6.0psi @12V
•Motor: DC 3 phase coil, more torque and quiet
•Power: 45Watt
•Speed control(3 wires): 0-5V analog
•Intake: G1/2 (1/2")
•Outlet: G1/2 (1/2")
•Life span: > 20,000hrs @ 1600rpm~10,00rpm
•Noise: << 35dB
•Working Temp: 100'C/ 212'F
•Envir Temp: <50'C
•Weight (net): 16.0oz

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