New Pro XY stage (500x300). Runs at 1500mm/s

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New Pro XY stage (500x300). Runs at 1500mm/s

Postby Tech_Marco » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:49 am

How often have you heard of "record breaking" news on laser speed? Well, now you have. For an affordable XY stage, the Pro530 can reach as fast as 1500mm/s on engraving! It beats most laser machines you have seen from the market driven by stepping motors. Of course, you can't compare it with a big brand machine because their machines use servo and RF laser tube. But there is no free lunch and the overall price is too high to be justified by most end users. For example, a machine with the size 900x600 is worth the same as buying a car! It's because their prices are about 3~4 times more expensive than a standard machine that was made in China.

Of Pro530 XY stage, the maximum speed it can run is about 1600mm/s without escaping. It may not be practical for everyone who use it for production because honestly speaking the overall working time will take longer than running it at an optimal speed which is 900~1000mm/s. However, to some users a high speed is desired for particular jobs while work time is not in primary concerned.


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