DC to DC step up module

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DC to DC step up module

Postby Tech_Marco » Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:27 pm

Just have my engineer desgined two small dc-dc power module. It's comes to handy when higher voltage is needed while battery can't go higher.

Module 1: Input 3.5V ~ 9V, Output 12V (fixed), current 800mA

Module 2: Input 3.7V ~ 21V, Output 5V ~ 30V, current 2.5A or 3A peak.

It's in prototype. The module 1 is completed and should be availble in 10 days. The module 2 is under assembly and should be ready in 3 weeks.

Target price: module 1: $5 ea, module 2: $6.5
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