3x 1Watt MR16 and E27 LED bulb. Very bright!

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3x 1Watt MR16 and E27 LED bulb. Very bright!

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed May 26, 2010 12:14 am

This 3X 1Watt LED bulb provide an excellence light sources for house, boat, or mobile home. It's energy saving and it's high efficience. Plus, it last at least 10,000 hrs or 15,000 in average! The bulb will get warm but not very hot. Compare to a 20Watt halogen, that little hot is really nothing.

E27: standard US socket. 110V,220V,100V~220V, 90V~240V.
MR16: standard two pin AC/DC 12V. Same layout as a halogen that used for ceiling spot light.

There are five colors available: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

All this 3Watt bulb has light reflection angle of 45'. The brightness is about 20W compare to a regular bulb. It's spot type (not diffuse) so it looks much better than a 20W bulb. They do make 1X3Watt (not 3X 1Watt) and I don't recommend it as it may has heat problem for a 3Watt LED in such small housing! By the way, all these kind LED do have a LED driver built-in and most of those are current limited driver.

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