Patten image for acceleration fine tuning

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Patten image for acceleration fine tuning

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:31 pm

There are three files attached. First two files. Intercept_Line_1time and Intercept_Line_2times, is ideal to be used to test if there is a major issue on the belt, wheel, and the frame construction. The last one, 'Wheel_Single_Line', is ideal to test the acceleration, speed_factor.

Using this file to fine tuned the acceleration for cutting. If there is 'wave' or wobbling happening on the lines from the cutting, it means that your machine is not fine tuned for acceleration yet. If you can get a good result (without or very tiny waving) at 100mm/s for the cutting, your machine is considered very good. In majority, not very common to cut things over 50mm/s!

FYI, adobe illustrator image format seems the best for the cutting. It is even better than DXF. If you can't get good result from AI file, chance of getting better cutting from other graphics format is questionable.

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