AWC708Clite, corel x8

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AWC708Clite, corel x8

Postby Mech » Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:05 am

AWC708cLite, Corel x8 plug in:
I saw old posts on the plug in for x8 and I went to Sinjoes site and they have a x8 plug in but i couldn't download it. have you got connections with them and could possiblely get it. I got 12 with the laser and it has never worked. so I bought X8 and have been using is with laser draw their plug in started in 8 as soon as I installed it. I just finished the DSp upgrade and am working the bugs out in this drawing software now. P.S. what pins are needed to activate the blower head through the software I seen they have a start stop delay in the program but they don't tell you how to access it.

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