Cutting 1/2" MDF with high pressure air assist

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Cutting 1/2" MDF with high pressure air assist

Postby Tech_Marco » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:43 am

Has anyone tried to cut 1/2" with their 100W laser? I found that it was quite challenging to cut MDF with 1/2" or thicker.
But here is a trick may help: High pressure air-assisted

Suggested equipment:
- A 30gallons with 100psi or higher
- Hose adapter with some pneumatic hose (available from us)
- Electronics air valve control (available from us)
- An I/O board (available from us)

Before: with portable air pump (1~2 psi or less) ,speed 4mm/s. Result: 95% cut through, charring a bit
After: with pressure set to 40~50 psi, speed 8~9mm/s. Result: 100% cut through, less charring

We better use I/O board and the air valve (solenoid) to work with the air compressor. Air come out only when gantry is moving. That way, it won't lose air and keep noise level down.

Hope this little tips help your cutting

Marco ;)

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