Custom K40 not being able to HOME

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Custom K40 not being able to HOME

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:00 pm

A customer purchased our X7 upgrade kit for K40 a few months ago and complaining not being home. We have exchanged over 50 emails to show him how to. He still couldn't fix it. We asked him to send the X7 to us for inspection. Guess what, he sent the whole XY stage with the X7! He wanted us to test his full system and make it work. We told him that we won't touch his XY stage but the X7. He was asking us why not?! You won't expect an auto part company will inspect your car if you just bought an alternator, right?

Anyway, we tested the X7 and worked good. We told him that we would have to charge him $150 to inspect and fix his system. Then, he questioning us again about the charge. He insisted that nothing wrong with the XY stage and wiring was good even though we told him times before to check the continuity of the limit switch and the motor wiring. Anyway, it took us another 30min to install and tested the motor drivers and video it. Nothing wrong and it worked smooth on our testing system, the PR530.

We asked him to pay $30 so that we can ship the system back to him if he doesn't want us to fix his system.







Finally he agreed it and we started to do testing.
First of all, the limit switches were not fixed on the stage. The Y was position off and X was not fixed, possible by tape!
The Y limit switch handle were blend and cable was loose and broken. After preliminary inspection done, we powered it up but the Y won't move except for the X. We check the connection on DC power supply and motor drivers and it was good.
Then, I asked my tech to loose the one pair of motor wire off from the motor driver. When I tapped the pair wire together and found no friction happened to the XY gantry. Then, I think I know what was the the issue. To confirm with my assumption right, I asked my tech to lose the other pair wire and tapped a wire from previous to the new pair wire and I felt the friction happened on the gantry. Bingo! He mistakenly crossed wire pair for the A+A- and B+B-. After I reversed the pairs and power it up again, guess what, the gantry start to fly like a bird, like an airplane!

One thing I noticed on the gantry was that the guide (round metal rod) wasn't move smoothly. It seems that there is an issue on the ball bearing. Well, it is beyond our capability to fix it or to replace it because we don't carry parts for that. The only thing I can do is to apply gear lubricant.

We're going to install the HOME switches for him because the way he installed it wasn't good. Plus, wiring is another issue.
This job isn't hard and if the customer pay a little attention, it can save him time and effort. Plus, it can save him the $150!

Case closed


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