Golden Laser at Elk Grove

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Golden Laser at Elk Grove

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:27 am

Machine: Goldern Laser 900x600
Issue: Alignment & burned focus lens
Client: Tim

Tim bought his machine from Southern California because he didn't know that we're around :cry: He said if he knew us here, he definitely would buy it from us. He learned us from a HackerLab in Rosevile. The lens he showed me has a burn mark on top and some sort of white smoke. Usually lens won't get burned like that but coating pop only. So, he stopped our shop and bought a new lens and he wanted me to go to his home to fix the machine. He said that he could barely get the 100W to cut 3mm plywood at 24mm/s and cutting line wasn't good at all. It was dark and wide.

By the time I stopped by his house, I was amazed to see that he settle his machine in a shed that he built. Very professional work. Too bad I forgot to images from his shop and the machines. Anyway, he showed me the lens and this time there was a crack on the lens :eek: The middle part of the lens still show 'ok'. I didn't put a new lens there yet because I have to make a lot of laser burning to get beam alignment.

It wasn't easy to work on his machine because 1) there wasn't much space in the shed , 2) the machine was locked up by screws instead of lock, 3) low light condition. Anyway, after taking 1.5hrs to fine tune the mirrors and the mirror mount, plus the lens, believe or not I was able to make cut with 45mm/s with the same plywood he tried before. He was supper happy :P

Happy ending

P.S. Sorry a little rush so I didn't take much pictures

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